6N2P Tube Pre-Tone Low Volt & Low Cost

Tube amp circuit today, I would like to present the low voltage and low cost for beginner developper.This is the kind 6n2p Triode Vacuum Tube Russia Tube very cheap compared to other tube models.Only cost $ 10-15 for a true beginner. Also easy to find in the market The quality of their own personal thoughts of my own. Well … honestly say that sometimes can get resistant.Instead of a 12AX7 plugged it by changing the pressure tube, topped only cycle …. I try to create this Use only one tube. Working as a stereo (two halves of a single lamp), using low power as well.That if one wants to create a high fire. Put values ​​as I get it offline because I reference values ​​from the Data Sheet.

6N2P Tube amp circuit:

6N2P Tube Pre-Tone Low Volt & Low Cost

But do not suggest we fire up to 250 Volts Capacitor find the 350v. The price is expensive and over again.I recommend creating a 230v. And then use the Cap 250 v. easy to find cheap used instead of the sound was no difference between voltage 250 to 230.

Completed Assembly:
The trial was a pre-tone light bulb with + – 35 Volts with the famous circuit 741. But output is not satisfactory offline … hum a lot. Experimental values ​​are being changed. To complete the circuit. Before, and I will be published offline … because many people complained that the transformer is quite difficult to find ideas to this circuit. I do, then listen to the sound does not make sense at first, it offline. Central held very outstanding voice .. much agitation.But keep it open for a few days … to draw a lot more sense … mixing different sounds much less. Really listen. Voice is getting better offline …. now I’m comparing 12AX7. 6DJ8 6N2P 6N23P them on .. wait a minute per well offline. Pictures show that I was to hear of the TDA2030 OTL 30watt.

6N2P Tube Pre-Tone Low Volt & Low Cost
Completed Assembly
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